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Product description

Private Label Pure Essential Oil 24K Golden Multi Use Oil For Face Body Heal Fine Line Antiaging Essential Oil

24k Gold Essence
99.9% Purity Gold
【Products】 : Gold Essence
【Net Content】 : 30ml
【Effect】 : Metabolism, Antiaging, Moisturize, Heal Fine Line
【Exp. Date】 : 5 Years
No. Tlm-F133

Take a Small Amount On The Back Of Your Hand And Gently Applyto Youiface, Wotking Outwards Toeyen Outcreases And Smaoth Lines. Wait a Few Seconids Before Applying Foundation. The Secret Of Absolute Radiance: Mix a Few Drops Of Fluid Foundation.

Aqua (Water). Glycerin.Organics.Alcohol.Parfum (Fragrance). Rosa Centifolia Flower Extracthydrolyzed Rice Proteinascorbic Acid. 



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