The reason why the base material of the three-step sealing layer is not bright


【Brief Description】The lighting time is too short: apply the three-step rubber sealing base material to not dry, to bake the lamp, the general lamp takes 3-5 minutes, the LED light takes 90 seconds, and the crescent moon light takes about 30-60 seconds.

The reason why the base material does not light up after the three-step glue sealing

1. The lighting time is too short: apply the three-step rubber sealing base material to not dry, to bake the lamp, the general lamp takes 3-5 minutes, the LED light takes 90 seconds, and the crescent moon light takes about 30-60 seconds. According to the combat effectiveness of brands such as LED and UVD, it is recommended that each nail art group try the lamps and products they use in their hands to see if they can be completed within a few hours and suitable for customers. It is also necessary to confirm whether the fluorescent lamp is aging and replace it in time.

2. Wipe the pontoon immediately after lighting: there is hairspray on the surface after wiping the cover, it is sticky, and it cannot be touched or wiped immediately by hand after irradiation. After waiting about 30 seconds, wipe the float needle with a special cleanser. Prevents thermal expansion and cold contraction of the nail surface. It is recommended not to choose cotton that can get linty. It is recommended not to let the hairs fall out and damage the bright layer of the nail surface.

3. The three-step adhesive sealing layer base material is coated too thickly. If the cover is painted too thickly, the color will turn yellow, and Yeona will have no luster.

4. The reason for hand cream: The nail art that has just been completed is temporarily not bright, because apply hand cream after completion, if the hand cream oil is too much, it may cause the nail surface not to shine, wipe it with alcohol.

5. Choice of sealing layer: the photo that is not washed is not washed after drying, and does not maintain its luster for a long time. Wipe the stamp to wipe, that luster will slowly glow. Wash-resistant seals are used to paste style templates and drills. When guests are guests, they usually choose to wipe.

6. Others: Some guests are exposed to chemicals after making perfect nails, which affect the brightness of the cover layer. If a matte logo is used, it is not lit by itself.

Basic introduction of three-step adhesive sealing layer binder

Let's first distinguish the classification of seals. One is to wipe the three-step glue sealing base material, if it shines on the back, there will be a pontoon on the surface, so clean the product. One is the three-step rubber sealing base material that does not need to be washed, and if it is illuminated, there is no rubber on the nail surface, and there is no need to wipe, which is fast and convenient.

1. Colloidal is a soft adhesive with better toughness. But the lights are on for a long time. If the second layer of floating needles is applied, the peak layer will be dented, which may be because the first layer of floating needles is not sufficiently illuminated. There are too many bumps on the nail surface, which affects the second time, and the depression on the cover usually appears after applying it twice, but there are also cases where depression occurs after applying the cover for the first time. It may be because the previous color photo paper did not have enough time, or it may be because the recipes are in different proportions and the different floats of brand products are different. There are a lot of swollen words behind the colored photo paper, and sometimes they are applied unevenly to the cover. In similar cases, in addition to paying attention to the time of adequate illumination, unnecessary adhesives can be wiped with a cleaning product, followed by a three-step adhesive sealing base material.

2. The nail surface is too smooth: when using the no-clean three-step adhesive sealing layer base, there is no adhesive after the characteristics, the colloid is relatively a hard adhesive, the brightness is high, the colloid is more transparent, the nail surface is smoother, but it is not wear-resistant. Although we can keep the gloss of the nail surface longer in order to give the cover a certain thickness, so even unwashed covers.

3. Different brands of different types of three-step adhesive sealing layer base material and colloid texture are also different. Relatively thin, relatively thick, we should take out the appropriate amount of cover according to the actual situation to coat. In general, we need to seek a little thickness on the lid to give protection, in addition, the coating speed should be moderately careful, because the surface tension of the liquid, sometimes the nail artist brushes too fast, the liquid enters the air, the force that affects the surface tension of the liquid, there will be an uneven coating, dented phenomena.

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